David Guetta delivers a hi tech glimpse with the futuristic looking HoloDesk in his latest Colin Tilley produced music video.

David Guetta teamed with Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne for his latest clip “I Can Only Imagine”. The music video features a hi tech look including the futuristic looking HoloDesk, complete with two holographic 12″ turntables…who said vinyl is out?

Is vinyl going to make a come back as holographic vinyl? Has David Guetta and Colin Tilley seen the future?

By utilizing face mapping technology, David Guetta has created an expensive looking clip centered around a hi tech looking control room for his new “I Can Only Imagine” clip that also used six video sets and including a skateboarding ramp.

The music video was directed by talented 24year Video Music Director Colin Tilley, with a ton award winning music videos under his belt. He was nominated for three videos at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards including best male video, best best hip hop video, and best collaboration video. Colin Tilley has directed music videos for artists including Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne,[1] Diddy, Usher, Melanie Fiona, Keri Hilson, Wiz Khalifa and UK rapper Chipmunk among others. His most notable and frequent collaborator is Chris Brown for whom he has directed 19 video projects. Colin Tilley has won several awards including Best Male video at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards for Justin Bieber “You Smile” and video of the year at the 2011 BET Awards for Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” video.

Colin Tilley is part of the Riveting Entertainment team founded by Andrew Listermann and Emerald Listermann in 2008.
The company has had a metoric rise in the four short years the company has been operating with a beevy of award winning and highly acclaimed music videos of a whos who in the entertainment world.

What do you think of this latest iteration of the HoloDesk used by David Guetta in his latest release “I Can Only Imagine”?

HoloDesk is New Zealand’s best kept secret in music technology and will debut its Kiwi appearance during the Rugby World Cup to an unsuspecting audience.

Whilst the nation was transfixed with the earthquakes rattling Christchurch, technology innovator Kevin Andreassend was creating a rumble a world away throughout the international DJ community. HoloDesk is New Zealand’s best kept secret in music technology and will debut its Kiwi appearance during the Rugby World Cup to an unsuspecting audience.

The magical interactive DJ virtual reality screen known as The HoloDesk, has captivated the imagination of 100′s of DJs worldwide including some of the biggest names in the industry.

The HoloDesk is 1 of 28 New Zealand companies and technologies exclusively invited to be featured during the Rugby World Cup 2011 at the multi million dollar Fan Zone called The Cloud on Auckland’s Queens Wharf. The HoloDesk will be on display and used throughout the 6 week international event.

In addition it will be featured in the NZ innovation music video currently in production that will be played on the twin 20m x 4m LED screens within the complex. In addition it has been selected as one of the display surfaces in use at the Telecom Hub operating during the Rugby World Cup event in Auckland New Zealand.

The Cloud will play host to the Holodesk

Party Fan Zone will feature right throughout the Rugby World Cup

Founder of HoloDesk, Kevin Andreassend, described that HoloDesk is at the start of a revolution that is aimed at dance floors and parties and clubs around the globe and delivers a visual arsenal for DJs worldwide.

HoloDesk made its UK debut with Deadmau5 at his Earls Court sellout concert amidst the 2010 winter blizzard that closed Europe down.

The developers of The HoloDesk is ICE AV Technology Ltd, a member of the AucklandICT technology industry sector.

Webster Hall in New York rocked with a little help from down under

Recently ICE AV has been working with trend setting New York DJ’s Filo and Peri in the leadup to their highly commended Lights and Loaded Show. They wanted to break the mould as to how DJs perform live and so they had a plan, a devious plan to impress their fans with a new experience.

Filio and Peri rock Webster Hall

Last night at Webster Hall they performed the show for the second time following from the successful launch in Chicago’s Vision Club. Last night when it hit the premier club in New York, Webster Hall, which according to the duo was like a home coming party with all their well know friends, such is their popularity with the fans.
With all the buzz happening and the rumours that something special was coming, the USA Trance Movement <a href=”http://usatrancemovement.com/home/2011/04/17/review-filo-peri-lights-n-loaded-vision-chicago/” title=”Interview with Filo and Peri” target=”_blank”>interviewed the duo about what they have set out to achieve.

To co-incide with the launch of Filo and Peri’s http://www.lightsnloaded.com” title=”Lights and Loaded is setting a trend in club entertainment” target=”_blank”>Lights and Loaded Show </a>they created their accompanying web site show in Chicago’s Vision Club http://www.lightsnloaded.com. Last night they debuted it in New York at the most prestigious of New York clubs – Webster Hall –

We look forward to linking to all the photos and videos that will be uploaded, but right at the moment the duo are exhausted and sleeping.

If you need to add technology to your event, act and show contact ICE AV as we have the technology and imgaination to work with you. Write sales at holodesk do biz or Tel +64-9-414 2348

Filo and Peri set to impress with a dynamic light show.

New York duo Filo and Peri had many curious to see how they would implement some of the new trends occuring in the DJ world. Holographic projection, dual imaging and interactive surfaces.

Post their Vision club debut of the Light and Loaded show in Chicago, they provide an insight to some of their thinking and what they have been developing.

Extended video.

HoloDesk and ICE AV were pleased to have been working behind the scenes to help the Filo and Peri to put the display system together.

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Holodesk Desktop-02

Superstar Britney Spears, Tom Cruise and Tom Trautsch have one thing in common and its called HoloDesk.

HoloDesk is the interactive DJ touch screen technology from ICE AV that is creating huge world wide interest in the DJ music community. The interest in touch screen technology is now regularly seen in crime dramas such as CSI and others where they are featured in crime labs and control centres.

More recently TV studios are now adopting the touch wall / screen concept. Thanks to iQRite and Holodesk touch screen components and systems operators, DJs, singers, presenters can all control their content and audience due to interactive technologies from ICE AV.

Tom Cruise mesmerised audiences with gesture touch based on a large screen in the film Minority Report, others have been clamouring to bring it into mainstream. Thanks to innovation from HoloDesk large format interactive DJ desks in a variety of formats and sizes. HoloDesk has the world’s largest interactive DJ sizes and options. Britney’s Till the World Ends video clip turns the minority into the majority.

The HoloDesk in Till the World Ends

Till the World Ends by Superstar Britney Speirs features the virtual interactive console known world wide as HoloDesk

Who wants to be next artist?

Now what New Zealand artist or NZ band would like to be the first Kiwi band to feature The HoloDesk in their music clip …free of cost. Tell us why you deserve to have this latest technology in your music video. Sure beats a tiny squinty little iPad for sure.

Contact HoloDesk. sales at holodesk dot biz

Can you Shag dance or Waltz with the Holodesk?

HoloDesk is the world’s most universal music management interactive surface.

We often asked can I use my HoloDesk with any computer programme, can I use with my current Windows XP computer or what about using it for Shag dancing or a Waltz music. Or is it suitable for Wedding party function, what about can i use it for our dance club or I have a mobile dance music business can I use it for this? I want to upgrade from vinyl records and jump right into the next century technology.

In short the answer to the above questions is an absolute resounding yes, yes, yes, yes.

The versatility of the Holodesk and the many options available make the HoleDesk the world’s first complete brand that gives you the DJ, the largest choice and the ability you need whether you are a follower of Shag dancing, waltz or nite club music.

The HoloDesk as a hardware system and is either based on two display technologies – what we call flat panel display technology which in terms of today’s marketed technology is LCD or Plasma or Projection. Many people are now referring to LED as LCD so just a note on this point .. typically what they are referring to is the back light that powers the most modern LCD displays. LED Displays are what you see in the stadium or the large displays in 5th Ave, NY.

Anyway I digress, so back to the dance floor, the other display technology we use with the HoloDesk is projection technology.

So your question might be…. should I use projection or LCD/Plasma screens as the core technology of my HoloDesk system?

This question is easily answered as follows.

Is it important for the audience to view the screen?
If is its not important for the audience to see the other side of the screen then you do not need the projection based system. If you want to have the audience view state of the art visualisation and to see the reverse side of the desk then you need the projection option. The dual imaging holographic appearance of the projection Edgeless HoloDesk is like eye candy to a person who likes the latest technology.

Do you want minimal setup time?
Then the LCD/Plasma solution is best for you want minimal assemble.

I want to build my own HoloDesk system, what would you recommend?
The LCD/Plasma system is cheaper and easier for you to build yourself. The cost of LCD and Plasma has plummted in recent years so a 42″ / 50″ system is very affordable. We supply all the DIY components or as required so we will work with you to help you decide. We can supply the LCD/Plasma or your welcome to to purchase a unit locally. We can advise the correct model for you.

How portable is a Holodesk?They can be very portable and our overall design means they are completely dissassembled so easily moved irrespective of size. Remember a 50″ HoloDesk is unlikely to fit in the the standard family car, so keep this in mind.

I am a smaller size person and can not lift a 50″ plasma/LCD to setup, what do you recommend?First, a 32″ inch system is easily setup by one person – male or female, and in particular the LCD/Plasma version is a breeze. For a 42″ inch system if it is a Projection based HoloDesk, one person can set this up, However if it is a LCD / Plasma installation and setup should only be carried out by two person for safety reasons.

The HoloDesk has been developed as a universal usic management touch system and so it can operate with any Windows OS music programme, e.g, Virtual DJ, Windows Media Player or specialist programmes like Traktor. As a minimum it is designed to replace the mouse click with a finger touch. Some software applications like Emulator are overlayed on Traktor and then when used with our Dual or Multi Touch options allows you to manipulate two or more controls at the same time.

An important aspect to keep in mind if you want to use the HoloDesk for a Shag Dance event, Ball room competitions or an up and coming wedding event is that if the menue interface is to small for your preffered music programme, then it becomes difficult for your fat finger (compared to a mouse) to touch control tiny menu buttons. For this reason we recommend ideally you start with our 42″ HoloDesk, though for the budget concious we do have a 32 inch size option.

So if you are a Shag dance enthusiast – I swear the feet hardly seem to touch to floor, or a be bop to do wah DJ, the HoloDesk can greatly change the music management process in your live events. The Holodesk is comfortable whether you are holding your beau in a close embrace of the waltz, skipping down the dance hall in the fox trot or cutting a line with the Shag.

The beauty of the HoloDesk is that it loves every era of music, so whether it is beat perfect waltz, lightening fast feet Shag music, or nite club live music creation, the Holodesk will keep you in touch with the dance floor and ensure those feet keeping gliding from corner to corner of the floor.

Here at Holodesk we find music fascination from all genre and our founder has more that a beat or two in his family DNA. For one Kevin’s childhood was spent learning th guitar, piano and trumpet, his parents were amateur violinist and opera/chorus singer (the family still owns a Stradivarist violin), Kevin opened one of the first specialist Christian music stores in the world (and prior to CD’s being available on the market), he achieved a Bronze Medal in ballroom dancing and he can still dance to impress those to shy to get onto their feet. His daughter is a founder of the well known NZ pop opera trio Tre-belle, who have performed their magic on many stages.

With the demise of the dance halls as we once knew them and the progression of dancing into nite clubs the HoloDesk has a role to play by allowing the DJ to become a performer and not just a knob twiddler. The holographic dual imaging nature of the HoloDesk will never replace the dynamics of a big band, but does certainly add a 21st century high tech visual to a highly charged dance environment. Thankfully some things never change!

The phrase Shag has many meanings from carpet, volleyball, sexual intercourse, tobacco, bird, basketball through to dancing that originated in South Carolina. The term Shag dancing in the wider sense has links to vauderville, jitterbugging, Flea Hop and is closely associated with the Big Band swing era. Carolina Shag has its roots in southern United States during this Big Band Era of the 1930s and 40s.

The term “Carolina Shag” is thought to have originated along the strands between Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina, during the 1940s. According to Bo Bryan, a noted Carolina Shag historian and resident of Beaufort County, the term was coined at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today,
the shag is a recognized dance in national and international dance competitions held across the United States.

Want to find out more about Shag dancing then follow these links.

If you would like to discuss how HoloDesk can enhance your DJ service we would love to hear from you and what you are wanting to achieve.

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Sci Fi dance club “Light and Loaded” experience hits Vision Club in Chicago with Filo and Peri

Light and Loaded @ Vision

Sci-fi DJ Dance club show at Vision in Chicago 9 April 2011

New York based Filo and Peri DJ duo are challenging the status quo of the traditional use of mixing consoles and turntables. On Saturday at the Vision Club in Chicago, they were determined to show the audience a new set, visual experience and technology set in a show called “Light and Loaded”, which is best described as a sci fi DJ dance club experience with a new visual experience not seen before.

The HoloGraphic (Hololite90) transparent screen and twin set of HoloDesk interactive consoles rocked the dance floor. Filo and Peri brought their imaginationa and skills together to create and realise a new experience for their fans.

Wikipedia describes Filo and Peri as a New York based production team. Filo and Peri have held the number one spot on the Billboard dance, as well as an entry into the UK National Top 40. Their debut artist album “Nightplay” hit shelves in November 2009 with the help of Paul van Dyk, Vandit & Unknown World Management, and Vandit Records.

Outside the studio Filo & Peri have been playing in nightclubs across the world. From Amnesia in Ibiza to the far reaches of Luxy in Taiwan, Australia and back in their home country at Nocturnal Festival, their blend of euphoric trance, driving techno, and exclusive edits and mashups is winning them an international army of fans.

Filo & Peri have come a long way from their humble beginnings to having built up a solid catalog of productions throughout the years on the biggest labels around the world.

Light and Loaded indicates a new stage set and move into a new look that have other DJs envious and fans exclaiming OMG.

So congratulations to Filo and Peri that you have raised the bar and joined an elite group of artists who believe that clubbers world wide seek a new visual experience … and you pulled it off.

For artists and bands who want to migrate to a new generation of control and visual systems we welcome your contact and interest. Further information on the HoloDesk interactive DJ Solutions visit HoloDesk. The HoloDesk Interactive systems are available in full built systems and DIY kits.