The HoloDesk ™ from ICE AV can be used with any mixing music software, VJ Video mixing software, DJ mixer software, virtual DJ mixer or other creative software applications or any Windows OS software. It is designed for live stage performances, audio mixing, beat grid, dub step requirements.

Currently the The HoloDesk ™ is designed for operation with any Windows OS PC computer. There is an option to use the Edgeless Interactive Laminate with Mac and Linux. Currently we are developing a full range of drivers for all the touch technology options for the HoloDesk in all touch quantities.

Software such as DJ Mixer Professional, Virtual DJ and all suitable to use with the HoloDesk. Traktor Pro and Emulator software is available through your normal retail or online source.

In the following video Pablo Martin is demonstrating Emulator software for Traktor Pro on small HP screen.

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