Holodesk header

HoloDesk is a convergence of entertainment and technology

The HoloDesk™ is a interactive mixing console that creates a new interactive touch experience for the DJ. The 6mm thick surface is both an interactive and a digital imaging console desk.

In essence it is a live performance production surface.

The HoloDesk™ is available in a variety of formats. In the HoloDesk™ Projection versionl, the image is a virtual holographic laminate that creates an image for the DJ to interact with. One of the surface options is transparent and additional surfaces are also offered the The HoloDesk™ with additional image screen foils, each of which create unique virtual mixing console image that can be interacted with.

We already have in the pipeline additional products that include 10.2″ DJ LCD Pads running Windows7 and and 42″ – 60″ industrial grade Dual and Multi Touch LCD Panels that are designed to be used in daytime and night time environments. And if that is not enough to keep us busy, 3D DJ desks are in the pipeline.

iQRite™ is the Interactive Division of ICE AV Technology Limited where the technologies at the heart of the The HoloDesk ™ are used and have been implemented over the last few years in the commercial sector.  The HoloDesk ™ is at the heart of a new world trend of bringing touch centre stage for DJs and VJs around the world.

The introduction of The HoloDesk ™ DJ Mixer to the world market is an expected and natural path of the technologies that are at the heart of ICE AV. They are designed and suitable for entertainment use like with DJ and VJs, multi-media installations in Galleries and museums for experiential interaction, retail use for both marketing and product exploration , music stores where fans can engage with, mix and explore music tracks and catalogs.

The development and extension of The HoloDesk™ is a continual process as we explore technologies to enhance the performance and experience for the Holodesk™, not just for the user but equally important for the viewer. This includes such developments as the integration of surface audio, beam audio, integration of body movements into the desk control, touch-less interaction, LED panels, gesture visuals are just a few aspects in the pipeline. Even to the extent of thought based control of the desk surface.

We think of the HoloDesk™ as being a surface where magic occurs, where we integrate audio, visual, human input and that the user experience can engage the viewer no matter where they stand.

The innovation that is part of the ICE experience will continue, as we see The HoloDesk™ ™ being applied into a variety of sectors and experiences.

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