1 March 2011
HoloDesk 2011 Q1 Cataloq released, five sizes, four touch options, DIY category. Shipping world wide. Additional developments underway for next cataloq version. HoloDesk management announce $100 donation for each order to donate the Christchurch Earthquake Relief fund managed by the Salvation Army to feed, comfort and assist devasted families.

February 2011
Tom Trautsch will perform on Saturday 12th of February at in Düsseldorf, Germany and it will be the first time worldwide that a twin pair of the Edgeless Holodesk Surfaces will be used live.

January 2011
Official European HoloDesk Video to be released 19th January in Germany. We will post the link here shortly. Thanks to the sponsors who took the opportunity to be involved and in particular Rudas Studio.

December 2010
Rudas Studio Dance Party will feature DJ Tom Trautsch with two stunning HoloDesk systems on 25 December. Tom Trautsch is a European Product Ambassador for the HoloDesk Interactive DJ system and regularly performs is highly sought after style of music at the high profile Rudas Studio located in Düsseldorf.

December 2010
Deadmau5 performs live at Earls Court London with a huge 74 inch Edgeless HoloDesk.

26 October 2010
HoloDesk in production to build two massive 74 inch HoloDesk DJ Interactive Mixing consoles for a high profile client.

22 October
HoloDesk will increase the range of Touch technologies delivering the world’s largest range of interactive DJ surfaces. By using surface acoustics we will be delivering a unique solution in the edgeless format in the 22″ – 42″ panel size, that provides tempered glass with embedded sensors and a single layered projection surface. Currently in beta test phase, the panels will be available for both Windows and Apple in Dual Touch mode.

10 October
HoloDesk is on target to launch its Edgeless Interactive transparent plastic foil with full Dual touch capability with two independent touch point control. Anticipated availability is expected to be Q4. This will extend the current Single and Limited Dual Touch capability.

15 September
HoloDesk announces that its Edgeless Interactive transparent plastic foil will be launched late 2010 with a full set of drivers from Microsoft Windows, Apple and Linux drivers. This will enable a full range of computers to be used with the I.C.E interactive plastic film.

31 August 2010
HoloDesk announces that the HoloDesk Optical Interactive DJ Surface will ship in 5 different sizes. These are 32″ 42″, 50″ 62″, 74″ diagonal wide screen – a total 5 sizes to cater for every requirement.

20 August 2010
Holodesk will be featured at the NZ Body Art Awards in October 2010. The event has become the premier awards event to recognise the body art industry in NZ. Many of the particpants are world renowned New Zealand artists and performers. HoloDesk’s principal has been an early supporter and sponsor of the Awards and looks forward to particpation this year with the debut of HoloDesk at the Awards.

16 August 2010
ICE AV Technology Ltd announces The HoloDesk, the virtual reality DJ Mixing Console. Featuring interactive, dual imaging touch screen that brings science fiction to the dance floor.

31 August 2010
Chilean DJ Rodrigo’s YouTube Video that uses the ICE Capacitance Touch interactive laminate, gathers world wide attention sending it viral within weeks. The message is out! From the shop front to the dance floor ICE AV’s interactive laminates and iQRite touch frames interact to a different beat.

1 June 2010
ICE AV hints to the market the next application for its interactive technologies will be in the entertainment industry. The virtual DJ mixing Desk that combines its iQRite(TM) touch frames and I.C.E Capacitance interactive film solutions with Digital Daytime screen polymers is going to be launched very shortly.

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