The History of The HoloDesk
The HoloDesk ™ is a name that only recently came to be known worldwide. However the driver behind the name has had a life time interest in technology.

The HoloDesk™ is the creation of Kiwi based techno entrepreneur, Kevin Andreassend and his company ICE AV Technology Ltd. Kevin is well known in the multi-touch and interactive industry world-wide with the iQRite Interactive products, a creator and manufacturer of the Simdeck Formula Race car simulators. He is one of a select handful who deliver the the Lens Screen projection technology that increases any projector by up to 2,000% and is used exclusively with the SimDeck Formula Race Car Simulators.

Kevin’s interaction in music started as a child when he undertook paid piano lessons, which lead onto a love affair with the trumpet and a love of the brass music of Herb Alphert and the Tijuana Brass and James Last. Both his parents had a love of the violin in their youth and his father had  a knack for the piano, whilst his mother was a active singer.  Just before the birth of the CD industry Kevin ran a music business called Needle Drop Records importing and distributing music and garnered a reputation as being able to find and source hard to find LPs. The remnants of that business are still with Kevin in the form of around 3,000 vinyl LPs in storage. His interest in music has been passed on though the family DNA by way of his eldest daughter Karyn, who is on her way to becoming a renowned Australasian pop opera singer and creator of the popular pop opera singing trio Tre-Belle. http://twitter.com/Tre_Belle

Kevin’s early fascination in media technology began with very humble beginnings decades ago and it was always underlined with extending his knowledge and constantly building a stepping stone forward. He was one of the first in his city at the time, to use video technology to create memorable wedding videos long before video recording was readily available. Before computers became available for the the creative industries, Kevin owned a small recording and production facility called Silver Image Communications that specialised in 4 track recording and multi media productions- nothing like the high speed spin of 10 inch mag tapes!. The Needle Drop Music Cassette programme was born and promoted music and artists. The HoloDesk is the result of a circular path through technologies over a number of years.

There have not been many technologies he has not had a hand in, including audio mixing, international dating / travel web site business, one of the first to introduce HDMI cables to the NZ market and one of the few non-race teams building full size race car petrol powered simulators. His company ICE AV is at the fore front of bringing digital display, interactive and surface audio systems to the international market.

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