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This is where we will answer and post all the questions DJ’s are asking. Keep checking back here if you are not sure of a certain aspect.  Be sure to post a question and we will add it to the FAQ.

The Official HoloDesk™ FAQ

What software can I run on the The HoloDesk?
If the software runs on a Windows OS PC you can use it with a The HoloDesk™ to do what ever you want. The display / interactive hardware is independent of the functionality of the software. So if you can converge, manipulate on the desktop of your monitor with a mouse and custom setting then the HoloDesk will display this and allow you to interact accordingly.

Can I use a Mac computer to run the The HoloDesk?
Yes you can use a Mac OS only with the edgeless interactive laminate. Systems shipping as of June 2011 can be either Windows or Apple OS. The iQRite™ Interactive Touch Frame is only a Windows OS system. We are currently developing the software drivers for all the touch technology options available for the HoloDesk™.

Can I use Linus OS computers with the HoloDesk
We are pleased to say that we will be releasing the HoloDesk™ using the iQRite™ Framed option with Dual Touch capability during June 200.

How does the HoloDesk™ connect to the computer?
Touch Frame – via USB
Interactive Laminate – via USB or R232 D9 connector. If you do not specify then we ship the USB option.
For Apple OS computers the connector is a D9 RS232.

Ultimately all connections will be via USB.

How much Space does a The HoloDesk ™ require?
This is determined by the projector focal length, screen width and height of the stand. There is a slight variance based on the size of the display. The maximum overall dimensions of a 74″ dia screen would be in the region of 1880mm W x 650mmD x 1700mmH On the 42 inch system the dimensions are 1210mmW x 600mmD x 1400mmH. This includes the projection space required. The projector sits within the footprint of the Holodesk and mounts internally. For a 42 inch size this is 46″ width x 24″ depth.

Any indivdual customisation, angle of the screen etc would effect dimensions.

Where is the projector located?
The projector is placed beneath The HoloDesk ™ surface. Some people know a data projector as a beamer, or LCD projector or DLP projector. The projector can connect to any computer, dvd player, VHS video player etc. Copy cat systems on the market place the projector some distance from the screen on its own base. The problem with these systems or home made desks means that projector’s alignment is never locked into place.

Does The HoloDesk ™ come with a floor stand?
In the Plug-n-Play version it will be supplied with a preconfigured floor stand and the all important floor stand. In the DIY version we do not supply a stand. We will supply plans though that you might find helpful to construct your own.

Does the floor stand collapse?
Yes the floor stand is design to ship and store flat. We realise that ease of transportation is an important issue for DJs.

How sensitive is The HoloDesk ™ to price increases?
World demand for materials and components in the electronic industry is at all time high and the problem is increasing. Shortages, production lead times, component delays all impact on The HoloDesk ™. By Q2 2011 the price of the HoloDesk™ substrate will increase by 30%. The cost of materials will affect the Holodesk surface substrate starting in September 2010. Worldwide there is a shortage of steel which will affect many items you are already buying as the price of steel is undergoing global price increases.

Is The HoloDesk ™ mass manufactured?
The manufacturing of a The HoloDesk ™ is a labour intensive process. Each order is manufactured / shipped against firm paid up orders only. Some components are manufactured in bulk.

Can I get a discount if I am a famous DJ living the high life with fans bowing at my feet?
We are always interested in partnering with strategic parteners and ambassadors. Request our HoloDesk™ Global Partner details.

Is the technology well proven?
The technology we use in the The HoloDesk ™ is well tested, patented and used in other industries worldwide. ICE AV use these technologies in other divisions of the company with clients world wide.

Does the The HoloDesk ™ wearout?
The actual touch surface can not wear out with normal touch action. Systems we currently supply use unbreakable polycarbonate or hardened glass.  Both surfaces of the HoloDesk™ have additional protective laminates. As the The HoloDesk ™ is powered by a projector this will wear out over time?

Can I use plexiglass as a suitable substrate?
Yes you could use plexiglass. though you can also use polycarbonate as it is far easy to work with and almost impossible to crack and has incredible strength. Acrylic can be easier to crack, not easy to drill. Acrylic is harder than polycarbonate though that is not to say it is easy to scratch polycarbonate with normal use. For the Edgeless Systems we use 6mm tempered glass as the base of the manufacturing process, For the Frame system we can use glass and polycarbonate.

For Holodesk™ systems you ship what is the surfaced manufactured from
We always use tempered hardened glass with pre-drilled holes.

What is the projector lamp life?
The WXGA version we will supply, has a manufacturer’s stated lamp life of up to 4000 / 5,000 hours in economy mode depending on which model projector. As The HoloDesk ™ is an optical display system normal care and maintenance should be exercised. The projector requires standard maintenance actions.

Does the touch technology wear out?
No it can not wear out and is actually never touched when using The HoloDesk ™. We offer a replacement top surface membrane that ensures the substrate proper is never permanently marked.

What is the difference in the two interactive touch solutions?
They are both two very different technologies. The I.C.E Capacitance Laminate is a revolutionary product that is transparent and has no visible edge or frame. When laminated to glass or (even) timber  it enables touch interaction through the mounting substance, making it the perfect solution for a Minority Report type interactive surface. We think of it as smart touch intelligent transparent plastic.

For the DIY community some skill and care is required to laminate the I.C.E Capacitance Laminate to the substrate. We are offering this with a permanent adhesive as standard. If you require it as a removable adhesive laminate please ensure this is clearly stated.

The iQRite Interactive Touch Frame is a sophisticated IR frame that incorporates the latest technologies and is available in Single, Dual, and Multi Touch. It represents the very latest in IR touch developments. It is very straightforward for the DIY community to mount to your own substrate by simply connecting the four sides and mounting onto the substrate and adhering with the bonding tape we supply.

What is Multi Touch?
Multi Touch is the next evolution in computer interaction that uses multiple and simultaneously user touch points. There is a core industry group world-wide  not in the public eye that is active building software, hardware and services for this next generation user experience.  Installations are now starting to appear world-wide. A few large corporates are a part of this industry, however it is being driven by a passionate group of developers, programmers  and supported by a select few hardware manufacturers such as iQRite ™. We always think of Multi touch as being 3 or more simultaneous touch actions and more commonly 10 to 32.

What is Dual Touch?
This term is a generic term referring to two touch points. The Apple iPhone has helped the public to understand this new gesture experience.

What is Limited Dual Touch?
Limited Dual Touch is a two finger interaction experience on the display surface. It is a phrase we use specifically with the Edgeless Interactive Transparent Touch laminate. Typically it has such functions as rotate, zoom and stretch. A fixed Dual Touch requires one touch
to remain in place while a second touch performs the zoom and rotate / pinch motion. We are currently beta testing the edgeless transparent touch plastic for two independent touch points.

What is True 2 Touch Touch?
This is the touch interaction we give to the Dual Touch edgeless transparent touch plastic for two independent touch points.We are currently beta testing the edgeless transparent touch plastic for two independent touch points. We will offer this solution once Alpha testing is completed and manufacturing commences.

What is Single Touch?
It is the most common and prevalent interactive screen touch experience and is used extensively in many industries. The most common application is in kiosks, machinery control panels and remote controls for example. Single Touch as it applies to the AV industry, normally assumes a digital graphical display being created either from a projector or flat panel display.

Do you have technical specifications of the principal hardware components?
Yes, we are able to supply full data specs of all components.

What display resolution does  The HoloDesk ™ support?
This is determined by the computer graphics card and projector. We recommend and can supply a projector that has a native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels but can support up to 1600 x 1200 pixels and 1080P.

Why do you offer two different projectors?
We have two options according to screen size. The have similar performance specs, however the optics are suited for the different size categories.
32″, 42″, 50″ 1280 x 800 native, 3000/5000 lamp hours, 3000:1 contrast, 2500ANSI, XGA / HDMI connector inputs, 3D Ready, 28dBA Operation (Low Mode)
62″, 74″ 1280 x 800 native, lamp life of up to 4000 hours (in low mode), 2001: contrast, 2500ANSI, XGA / HDMI connector inputs Dual VGA RGB (D-sub) terminals, 3D Ready, built-in LAN connection, 29dBA Operation (Low Mode), 6seg. Colour Wheel (R/G/B/W/Y/C)

Can the HoloDesk ™ run for long periods of time without problems?
The projector can run for extended periods of time. Time has no bearing at all on the actual touch screen itself.

Is it only viewable in the dark or can it be seen in daylight?
The screen can be used in daylight, though the best effect is in a environment where the lighting is controlled. In an indoor environment, club or dance venue there will not be issues.  If you have concerns please let us know more details of the environment. There are optional enhancements if you require bright displays. The dual side image view of the The HoloDesk ™ is best seen and more easily achieved in a lower brightness environment.

How is the image created on The HoloDesk ™?
The HoloDesk ™ image is created by rear projection using a high resolution projector. Please note you need to specifically order this.

To get things clear for me, what do you mean by projector?
The projector creates the image on the Holodesk that the DJ interacts with.

Can I output the computer output to a large stage backdrop screen on a second projector or the ICE Flexible LED Curtain screen?
If you wished to have a view of the desk displayed that was say 3m wide that was like a digital stage back drop;
Then two considerations and options are needed.
The graphics card needs to be either of these
1- dual head graphics card,
2 – Matrix Dual Head,
3 – external 1:2 VGA Splitter….
one of the outputs feeds the projector creating the interactive image for the DJ and the other goes to either:
1 – another projector projecting on to the wall.
2 – display on one of our LED Flexible Curtain screens.

Or it you wanted to display the HoloDesk on a large projection screen somewhere else in the venue, then you could take an output signal from the HoloDesk projector and connect this to a projector.

Can you help me configure The HoloDesk ™ to run the Traktor Pro and Emulator or any other software for that matter?
Please refer to the licensor of the software. They are qualified to assist you if you have legitiment copies of their software.

We are suppliers of the touch and visual display hardware and this has no bearing on how you set up your software application settings for your music.

How do I calibrate The HoloDesk ™?
The HoloDesk ™ requires calibration each time you move the projector relative to the screen position.  If you are using your The HoloDesk ™ at various venues you will need to set it up each time. Once you have done this a few times it will be a pretty straightforward process. When you recieve your system there will be instructions on how you should calibrate.

What does the calibration process do?
This aligns the visual points with the actual touch points.

Why do you offer three screen polymers.
As a specialist in screen solutions we have the luxury of being able to draw on a full catalog of screen polymers. Todays buyer demands choice, so we are responding to this.

What is the difference in the three screen choices?
1 – HoloLite90™ is a 90% transparent projection film that creates a Minority Screen experience with imaging on both sides of the screen. This screen polymer works best when the environment is no more than 200 lux to achieve dual imaging on both sides of the screen. Here are two videos that will help you understand this further. Video One Video Two
2 – HoloContraM™ is a dark grey projection screen that creates an impressive bright high contrast image for the DJ. Can be used in a higher lit environments. View this video to understand this aspect further.
3 – ICE Dupix™ is a 360 degree imaging screen that delivers identical perfect images on both sides of the screen. Perfect for allowing the audience to view the same image. Milky white appearance. This video clearly explains how to use ICE Dupix and install it.

Do you recommend a particular screen from the three option?
Only in special applications would you use the HoloLite90.
If you want the brightest audience side then choose ICE Dupix.
If you want the highest contrast and brightest image for the DJ then choose HoloContraM.

Relative to ambient light levels HolocontraM has the brighter image for the DJ.
If I want to make my own surface what do I need to purchase.
You would to purchase the Projection Laminate and Interactive Kit if you wanted to laminate it yourself. You can either purchase the Projection Laminate and Interactive Kit only. The Interactive Touch frame option is a lot simpler and easier to install.

Can you do the laminating for me?
Yes we can laminate and assemble the touch surface for you onto the laminate substrate ready for you to mount onto a stand.

How do you ship the DIY HoloDesk ™ components?
We ship this in two tubes. One containing the interactive component and the other contains the projection screen laminate.

Can you give the costs for a HoloDesk?
Yes we have full price lists available in three currencies according to where you live in the world. Simply send us an email to this address and we can send to you. Let us know what size you prefer. sales at holodesk dot biz or simply leave a request in the comments and we will pick it up.

Can I pay for my  HoloDesk ™ after I receive it?
We must receive you payment with your order. We are unable to provide credit terms.

What is the delivery time after I order my  HoloDesk ™?
For the DIY set, delivery times is approximately four weeks after we receive your payment. We are working at reducing this time period. Some clients have received their HoloDesk within a week.

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  1. hello

    iam from republic of Maldives ( Asia ) and iam interested to know the pricing for below components..

    interactive projection HoloDeskTM screen, floor stand and projector mount
    50″ iQrite touch frame – Multi touch and
    50″ Interactive Laminate – Single / Dual touch and
    50 inch Wide Screen ( ICE HoloContraM – Dark )
    1280 x 800 Wide Screen HD Short Throw Projector
    stand – if availailable
    road case – if available

    i would like to have a proforma invoice from your end.

    thank you and hoping to hear from you ASAP

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