The HoloDesk surface is offered in two physical interactive formats.

This utilises our interactive laminate that allows the entire surface to be touch surface. Currently offered as a Single Touch, Limited Dual Touch for the Windows OS platform. Dual Independent Touch is in development as are drivers for the Mac platform.

One of the visual advantages of the Edgeless HoloDesk is that it has no black border around the image and provides the visual appearance of an image appearing to float on glass.

The Holodesk Dual Touch Frame systems are from the iQRite interactive product range utlising patented high precision infra-red optical touch technology that detects touch inputs and infra red sensing. Available in Single and Dual Touch capability. For those wanting to purchase the HoloDesk in the DIY version we would recommend this solution due to the skills required for manufacturing the Edgeless Holodesk.

The full multi touch drivers are on the verge of being completed for the Framed version.

The iQ1125 model is only available for Windows OS at this time. We are currently working on a Mac OS version and will announce availability in due course.

What is the difference in the two interactive touch solutions?

They are both two very different technologies. The I.C.E Capacitance Laminate is a revolutionary product that is transparent and has no visible edge or frame. When laminated to glass or (even) timber  it enables touch interaction through the mounting substance, making it the perfect solution for a Minority Report type interactive surfaces such as the the HoloDesk. We think of it as smart touch intelligent transparent plastic.

For the DIY community skill and care is required to laminate the I.C.E Capacitance Laminate to the substrate. We are offering this already laminated.

The iQRite Interactive Touch Frame is a sophisticated IR frame that incorporates the latest technologies and is available in Single, Dual, and Multi Touch. It represents the very latest in IR touch developments. It is very straightforward for the DIY community to mount to your own substrate by simply connecting the four sides and mounting onto the substrate and adhering with the bonding tape we supply.


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