Motion Dive Tokyo VJ Software

We are listing a range of interactive software that turns your HoloDesk into a powerful interactive surface for concerts, events, commercial and private functions.

What is “motion dive”?

From its first appearance in Japan in 1998, the software “motion dive” has played an important role to spread the hybrid culture of motion graphics and music across the globe. Like DJs mix their passionate music and cultivated a new music generation in the past, “motion dive” has been opening a new door to the VJ scene for a new VJ visual generation. In 2003, “motion dive. tokyo” was released worldwide.

This software gives you a major function that mixes the 2 visuals into 1 visual for your live visual performance. You can add visual effetcs and texts as you need. Also, you can easily organize the video files and send the video source diretcly from your computer. There are more useful functions inside of the “motion dive. tokyo”.

Audio and visuals, the collaboration between these two elements creates an overwhelming artistic experience for musicians and the audience. The innovative world-famous VJ software (Win/Mac), “motion dive .tokyo” by Digitalstage.

Edirol Motion Dive Tokyo VJ software

Download demo here.

Part One of 5 (Check the rest out on

Part One

Part Two

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