DJ Timmy Vegas and Another Dimension goes viral

DJ Timmy Vegas’s song Another Dimension received an unexpected boost in early August when the large interactive DJ touch screen playing his song “In Another Dimension” went viral. Currently viewed by over 360,000 views on Youtube.

So we thought we should post info about Timmy Vegas and the track in question since we have had many requests asking about the song.

Birmingham boy Timmy Vegas is a producer / DJ / musician / poker player. He has also recorded under The Wikkaman and Movementz, and is one half of SOUL CENTRAL, [the other half is DJ Andy Ward]. Timmy used to play keyboards and guitar for Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant, and since then he is more famously known for his dance anthem Strings of life on Defected. In autumn 2008, Eye  released Timmys Another Dimension, featuring the sweet n sour vocals of Bad Lay-Dee and a cute interpretation of the Beastie Boys classic Intergalactic. Also hailing from Birmingham, Bad Lay-Dee is a mc/singer/dancer with beautiful hair.

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Song Bio

THE SONG IS “Another Dimension” by Timmy Vegas and Bad Lay-Dee

“Another Dimension” is a song by UK DJ and producer Timmy Vegas and rapper Bad Lay-Dee, released by UK electronic music record label Eye Industries on CD single (catalog no.: EYE 054CD)[1] and on 45 rpm 12″ single (catalog no.: EYE 054)[2].
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Production credits
Timmy Vegas – keyboards, drums, engineering, producing, mixing
Bad Lay-Dee – original vocals, Jennifer Wallace – additional vocals. Oliver Timothy – additional vocals, Moot Design – artwork design.

The song contains two samples: the “robot voice” from the 1997 Beastie Boys song “Intergalactic” from their album Hello Nasty. The other sample is the organ refrain from the 1991 song “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” by Crystal Waters from her debut album Surprise. The sample from “Intergalactic” is not used in its original form but routed through a vocoder and the driving chords for the vocoder are the same as “Gypsy Woman”‘s harmonies.

This is the cover art for Single Cover for “Editing Another Dimension (Timmy Vegas song) by the artist Timmy Vegas & Bad Lay-Dee. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, Eye Industries, or the graphic artist, Moot Design.
A-side Another Dimension (Extended Mix)
B-side Another Dimension (Tom Novy Remix)
Released January 12, 2009
Format 12” single / CD single
Genre House music
Length 3:03 (Radio Edit)
5:38 (Extended Mix)
Label Eye Industries
Writer(s) Timmy Vegas “Intergalactic” sample: Beastie Boys / “Gypsy Woman” sample: Neal Conway, Crystal Waters
Producer Timmy Vegas