Tom Trautsch performed live at EuroSport 2011 with HoloDesk

The SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final was broadcast live in eighty-three countries on the 19 November and featured the talented experience of German based DJ legend Tom Trautsch – European HoloDesk DJ Amabassador.

Erhan Deniz, Sergei Lascenko, Ismael Londt and Pavel Zhuravlev, the winners of the four SuperKombat World Grand Prix events which had taken place throughout 2011, will compete at the event to decide the overall champion.

Mitsubishi Motors, the main sponsor of the promotion, awarded the winner with a sport car Lancer Ralliart, beside the prize money (a cheque for € 50,000).

AucklandICT uses the HoloDesk to promote its members

AucklandICT, an Auckland based industry organisation takes advantage of the Holo-Info-Desk to promote its members at the Rutherford Forum industry conferences in September.

The Rutherford Forum activities are part of the Rugby World Cup related activities to promote NZ business and innovation.

AucklandICT is an industry organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand. Members come from a range of industry sectors that serve requirements both locally and international that are predominately in ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) Each month the organisation meets to listen to a key note speaker, share success updates, networking and more recently have begun to actively utilise social media and online platforms. Within AucklandICT there is the Electronics Interest Group (ETG) AucklandICT that meets once a month over breakfast to discuss projects, topics of interest, training.


HoloDesk Goes from strength to strength in time with the 2011 Rugby World Cup

The HoloDesk story started well before it entered the public domain, but when it did it set a new bench mark for international DJ concerts and live performances.

The European global debut was in the most royal of cities – London with a king of the dance floor, Deadmau5. The sellout Earls Court concert stunned the crowds when Deadmau5 took to the centre stage to perform Arguru on the 74″ inch HoloDesk interactive touch surface.

The crowd reaction was enthusiastic as Deadmau5 introduced a new way for DJ’s to perform live on the dual imaging touch interactive surface. The following day the viral nature of social media took over as the word spread like wildfire that DJ hardware had taken a major step turning science fiction into commercial reality.

For creator, inventor and technologist behind the concept, Kevin Andreassend was convinced that the time was ripe to begin the journey of redefining and introducing large format multi touch in live concerts some years before. First seen in the Tom Cruise Minority film, Kevin and his partners at about the same time were planning on how to develop this type of system to the international market, but first they had to invent the actual touch technology. Skip ahead a few years and in the meantime Apple educated the market on the concept of multi touch in the pocket by way of of the iPhone and more recently iPad. Microsoft stirred the imagination with their 42 inch flat panel solution called The Surface. This validated Kevin’s idea but he wanted to go one step further…he wanted to make it huge, so huge that it would take a van to transport an assembled unit, and so was borne the 74″ dia, 1.7m h x 2m wide HoloDesk. Some other crucial parameters was that it had to be dual imaging and no more than 6mm thick and seem like a floating image.

During the year since its debut on the global stage, it was still the biggest secret in New Zealand. Kevin explains, “we wanted to to continue to develop the HoloDesk concept, and control the time launch in our home market. The international opportunities were far greater off shore and so it was natural for us to focus in the European and USA markets.

The World's Smallest Nite Club

The HoloDesk Nite Club down in The Cloud

During the beginning of 2011, the New Zealand Government and associated Departments were extensively involved in developing the Innovation Showcase in The Cloud as part of the Rugby World Cup Queens Wharf fan zone. A number of Government officials and industry personnel surveyed NZ industry, as a result HoloDesk was invited to participate in the showcase named “We do things Different”.

Rugby World Cup, Fan Zone

Beginning September The HoloDesk is appearing in a number of events, expos and conferences associated around the Rugby World Cup for the 1,000’s visiting New Zealand.

Also timed for the same period, has been the launch of the Holo-Info-Desk with its engaging multi touch software that allows users to access and interactive with a wide selection of media and data sources. Holo-Info-Desk will also ship in a education, retail, meeting room, presentation and expo versions in a range of physical formats.

HoloDesk DJ Mixer prepares for the largest influx of tourists NZ will see this century

HoloDesk gears up for the Rugby World Cup 2011 as New Zealand is the host for the largest sporting event to come to the remote country. starting in 3 weeks time and will run from September to October and has become a show case event of what is NZ in every aspect.

HoloDesk is also playing a prominent role and is to be one of 28 companies to be featured in the $7,000,000 principal fan zone venue called The Cloud, down on one of the earliest wharf built in Auckland’s harbour.

The Cloud will be the host of numerous offical functions, business meetings, technology and innovation expo, entertain zone for fashion, concerts and a range of events that demonstrate New Zealand’s culture.

HoloDesk and ICE AV are sponsoring the display and interactive technology for the VEX Robotics world championships that will be held in the venue and concurrent activities at the Rutherford Forum and AucklandICT South Pacific Entreprenuer’s sponsored BBQ event.

Recently ICE AV has been preparing to let the local market see what it has been developing in recent times. The HoloDesk has initially been launched in the off shore market to a rapturous reception and now HoloDesk is going to surprise the NZ market and international visitor. We wanted the local market to experience the Holodesk in conjunction with the Rugby World Cup and the timing is all working out well.

Recent national media publicity has given the local market an sneak insight to the HoloDesk that has begun to create a lot of early interest in the HoloDesk Surface.

HolOdesk in the media

The HoloDesk has begun to capture the imagination of the local market.

Amon Tobin’s show ISAM pushes the visual boundary for an electronic music concert.

Brazilian music producer Amon Tobin has created a visual delight with projection mapping in his audio visual show ISAM.

The concert called ISAM is currently on tour for a six city tour in Europe. Projection mapping is based on mapping projected images onto three dimensional surfaces and using precise positioning to use the surfaces and edges that takes advantages of the depth in the screen.

The highly ambitious, breathtaking ‘ISAM’ live show sees Tobin stepping away from previous DJ centric performances. Instead he has developed a large scale live audio/visual experience to select cities around the world. Designed in conjunction with Blasthaus, VSquared Labs, Vita Motus Design, Leviathan and others.

ISAM behind the scene video looking at some of the logistics and people who created the show.

Concert Review

Music Review

1st June – MUTEK, Montreal
9th June – Astra, Berlin
10th June – AB, Brussels
11th June – Bataclan, Paris
15th June – Melkweg, Amsterdam
17th June – Roundhouse, London

HoloDesk is New Zealand’s best kept secret in music technology and will debut its Kiwi appearance during the Rugby World Cup to an unsuspecting audience.

Whilst the nation was transfixed with the earthquakes rattling Christchurch, technology innovator Kevin Andreassend was creating a rumble a world away throughout the international DJ community. HoloDesk is New Zealand’s best kept secret in music technology and will debut its Kiwi appearance during the Rugby World Cup to an unsuspecting audience.

The magical interactive DJ virtual reality screen known as The HoloDesk, has captivated the imagination of 100′s of DJs worldwide including some of the biggest names in the industry.

The HoloDesk is 1 of 28 New Zealand companies and technologies exclusively invited to be featured during the Rugby World Cup 2011 at the multi million dollar Fan Zone called The Cloud on Auckland’s Queens Wharf. The HoloDesk will be on display and used throughout the 6 week international event.

In addition it will be featured in the NZ innovation music video currently in production that will be played on the twin 20m x 4m LED screens within the complex. In addition it has been selected as one of the display surfaces in use at the Telecom Hub operating during the Rugby World Cup event in Auckland New Zealand.

The Cloud will play host to the Holodesk

Party Fan Zone will feature right throughout the Rugby World Cup

Founder of HoloDesk, Kevin Andreassend, described that HoloDesk is at the start of a revolution that is aimed at dance floors and parties and clubs around the globe and delivers a visual arsenal for DJs worldwide.

HoloDesk made its UK debut with Deadmau5 at his Earls Court sellout concert amidst the 2010 winter blizzard that closed Europe down.

The developers of The HoloDesk is ICE AV Technology Ltd, a member of the AucklandICT technology industry sector.

HoloDesk Founder to spend time with Jay Abraham in New Zealand

Here at HoloDesk we are forever thinking outsides the square, looking at innovation, maximising opportunities and creating success. So how do we do it you might ask. Well one way is to continually surround yourself with people more clever than you are, more experienced and from various fields. This then provides a hotbed for growth.

Running a successful business is the dream of many. Being creative and innovative is also what many desire. Sadly though, many people never see their plans come to life or actually take the crucial steps to head int eh right direction. In today’s world gloom of war, economic depression, rising prices it would be easy to spiral downwards for many.

Jay Abraham will be spending time inspiring and teaching a group of top Kiwi business people.

Next week I will be spending 4 intensive days, something I have done for 3 years now with some of the top internet and business strategists to learn new concepts, refresh old ones, connect, get the motivation tank recharged. One such person I am excited to be meeting is business guru Jay Abraham who is coming to NZ, I think this actually might be his first trip to NZ, so we will have to see if he is game to do the bungey jump like Deadmau5 did with his team when they came to NZ a few weeks back.

Arguably, the finest interviewer in the world is Anthony Robbins. He probes and penetrates his subjects in ways (and from vantage points) that few others even understand, let alone master. Some of the legendary people he has brilliantly interviewed include: John Wooden, Stephen M. Covey, and John Gray.

For years, Tony had a private interview service for subscribers eager to receive his full-length, fabulously-detailed, and amazingly-distilled interview sessions. Well, as a daring experiment – Tony interviewed Jay Abraham a while back – and that interview was – well, it became a “classic”! All totaled, I think he and I spent 9-1/2 intensive hours exchanging dialogue, perspectives and responses to critical business issues and topics. Then his talented editor spent nearly 300 hours editing our 9-1/2 hour “marathon” down into a seamless (almost), two-hour-long, tour-de-force, idea-a-minute, audio session…that quickly became a cult business classic, worldwide. Seriously – something like a million copies of the interview have been distributed globally. Anyhow, that interview went on to become one of my and Tony’s (separately) all-time classics. He actually included it in his “Best Of” series.

Now since you you will be busy with your work in whatever country you are in and I will be with Jay Abraham and some of the top online marketers world wide, I have been given permission to share the audio interview Robin had with Jay so you to can benefit with being part of the Holodesk story and success

The entire two-hour-long, final version is my gift to you passed down from Jay Abraham.
No strings. No cost. No action to take. Just go here and get the download here. Why am I doing this? Why not? The content is exceedingly high value that he shares.

Jay contribute’s some classic concepts and strategies that all of you would benefit from revisiting. Tony twists and turns them in inspired ways you deserve to hear. Hopefully, if you’ve never listened to this, it’ll favorably impact your business too. Or, if you’ve already heard it – but not re-listened for awhile – it will reanimate your passion for doing all that you need to know or heard before.

Hopefully, THIS gesture will prove a worthwhile investment of your time listening as I know Jay loves contributing generously to other peoples’ business success.

Jay Abraham

Click here to hear Jay talking about sponsorship

Again, here’s where you get the download – free of all strings:
Anthony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham

If you have not downloaded the two latest books from Jay that are free for you I mentioned in an earlier post please do grab them from here. Do so now. If you want to buy them instead simply go to
They are worth their weight in gold if you implement the ideas and strategies.

So here to you are gratis gifts from Jay to me to you.

There’s nothing to do except download both books – and find time to read 🙂 at 30 seconds a page thats 4.5 hours of study time.
Sticking Point Solutions
Getting Everything New
(Right Click the Links and Choose “Save As” if you have problems downloading)

In the mean time we will be actively strategising and planning further innovations inspired by our mentors to take HoloDesk product range to the next level.

Happy reading and reaping more business. Please do let me know any techniques you implement that bring success. Maybe it might help you to get that highly sought after club booking, national tour or your music hits number one.