We list more questions here. If you can not find the answers you are asking please write to us as wel love to explain any precise detail you need to understand.

Can I use a laptop with the HoloDesk™ ?
A laptop is a perfect partner to be use with the HoloDesk.

How do I transfer the mouse or touch pad control from my computer to the HoloDesk™ ?
You simply connect the USB cable between the HoloDesk and the USB connector on the laptop and then connector the monitor output lead from the laptop output to the projector input.

What is the lead that connects the computer display between the computer and the HoloDesk™ ?
The laptop output lead can be two types – what is called VGA connector (3 rows of mins) on the side of the
laptop or it could be the HDMI connector – depends on how old the laptop is. All laptops can connect to either an LCD or projector.

Once these two leads are connected and you have aligned the projector to the Holodesk surface
then you run the touch calibration programme for the Holodesk and now you can interact with the content by your finger that you can see on the laptop display and also on the HoloDesk.

Where does the computer mount on the HoloDesk™ ?
There are supplied mounting shelf supports that allow you to place the laptop on a easy access shelf on either left or right hand sides . Also we include a base shelf that allow you to place the Desktop PC or laptop on the base of the HoloDesk.


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