Holo-Info-Desk is a multi touch interactive system based on the HoloDesk DJ Mixer

Holo-Info-Desk is a unique multi-touch system developed in NZ that brings the growing popularity of interactive touch control to a diverse range of environments and applications.

The Holo-Info-Desk pictured in this video is based on the interactive framed projection technology which is one of the options that Holo-Info-Desk is offered as. The surface is a suspended 6mm surface without an enclosure.

The Holo-Info-Desk is a large size multi touch solution and interactive content management system for use in a wide variety of applications. It is manufactured in flat panel and projection based models.

The system is available in 2,6,10,16,32 touch points according to the size and overall budget and application requirements.

To implement large format multi touch surfaces, required substantially expensive hardware, a large programming budget and a bunch of programming geeks. Today Holo-Info-Desk has changed that on all three counts thanks to the
innovative Holo-Info-Desk solution.

The Holo-Info-Desk concept has been designed to maximise many conceiveable options and even to the point of adapting hardware you already own.

Interactive Surfaces are the new way to engage with content. Steve Jobs helped us out alot as he has taught the world to stretch, pinch, swipe with your fingers. We now carry on the legacy he has left us with the with the Holo-Info-Desk but this time you will not be able to put the surface in your pocket.

The Holo-Info-Desk is a development of the well known HoloDesk interactive DJ Mixer that first appeared on the world stage when Deadmau5 used a 74″ HoloDesk in his Earls Court, London concert where it became the first sell out concert in the venue. Subsequently the HoloDesk became featured as the first large format interactive DJ Mixer to be featured in music concert DVD by a headline performer.


Can you Shag dance or Waltz with the Holodesk?

HoloDesk is the world’s most universal music management interactive surface.

We often asked can I use my HoloDesk with any computer programme, can I use with my current Windows XP computer or what about using it for Shag dancing or a Waltz music. Or is it suitable for Wedding party function, what about can i use it for our dance club or I have a mobile dance music business can I use it for this? I want to upgrade from vinyl records and jump right into the next century technology.

In short the answer to the above questions is an absolute resounding yes, yes, yes, yes.

The versatility of the Holodesk and the many options available make the HoleDesk the world’s first complete brand that gives you the DJ, the largest choice and the ability you need whether you are a follower of Shag dancing, waltz or nite club music.

The HoloDesk as a hardware system and is either based on two display technologies – what we call flat panel display technology which in terms of today’s marketed technology is LCD or Plasma or Projection. Many people are now referring to LED as LCD so just a note on this point .. typically what they are referring to is the back light that powers the most modern LCD displays. LED Displays are what you see in the stadium or the large displays in 5th Ave, NY.

Anyway I digress, so back to the dance floor, the other display technology we use with the HoloDesk is projection technology.

So your question might be…. should I use projection or LCD/Plasma screens as the core technology of my HoloDesk system?

This question is easily answered as follows.

Is it important for the audience to view the screen?
If is its not important for the audience to see the other side of the screen then you do not need the projection based system. If you want to have the audience view state of the art visualisation and to see the reverse side of the desk then you need the projection option. The dual imaging holographic appearance of the projection Edgeless HoloDesk is like eye candy to a person who likes the latest technology.

Do you want minimal setup time?
Then the LCD/Plasma solution is best for you want minimal assemble.

I want to build my own HoloDesk system, what would you recommend?
The LCD/Plasma system is cheaper and easier for you to build yourself. The cost of LCD and Plasma has plummted in recent years so a 42″ / 50″ system is very affordable. We supply all the DIY components or as required so we will work with you to help you decide. We can supply the LCD/Plasma or your welcome to to purchase a unit locally. We can advise the correct model for you.

How portable is a Holodesk?They can be very portable and our overall design means they are completely dissassembled so easily moved irrespective of size. Remember a 50″ HoloDesk is unlikely to fit in the the standard family car, so keep this in mind.

I am a smaller size person and can not lift a 50″ plasma/LCD to setup, what do you recommend?First, a 32″ inch system is easily setup by one person – male or female, and in particular the LCD/Plasma version is a breeze. For a 42″ inch system if it is a Projection based HoloDesk, one person can set this up, However if it is a LCD / Plasma installation and setup should only be carried out by two person for safety reasons.

The HoloDesk has been developed as a universal usic management touch system and so it can operate with any Windows OS music programme, e.g, Virtual DJ, Windows Media Player or specialist programmes like Traktor. As a minimum it is designed to replace the mouse click with a finger touch. Some software applications like Emulator are overlayed on Traktor and then when used with our Dual or Multi Touch options allows you to manipulate two or more controls at the same time.

An important aspect to keep in mind if you want to use the HoloDesk for a Shag Dance event, Ball room competitions or an up and coming wedding event is that if the menue interface is to small for your preffered music programme, then it becomes difficult for your fat finger (compared to a mouse) to touch control tiny menu buttons. For this reason we recommend ideally you start with our 42″ HoloDesk, though for the budget concious we do have a 32 inch size option.

So if you are a Shag dance enthusiast – I swear the feet hardly seem to touch to floor, or a be bop to do wah DJ, the HoloDesk can greatly change the music management process in your live events. The Holodesk is comfortable whether you are holding your beau in a close embrace of the waltz, skipping down the dance hall in the fox trot or cutting a line with the Shag.

The beauty of the HoloDesk is that it loves every era of music, so whether it is beat perfect waltz, lightening fast feet Shag music, or nite club live music creation, the Holodesk will keep you in touch with the dance floor and ensure those feet keeping gliding from corner to corner of the floor.

Here at Holodesk we find music fascination from all genre and our founder has more that a beat or two in his family DNA. For one Kevin’s childhood was spent learning th guitar, piano and trumpet, his parents were amateur violinist and opera/chorus singer (the family still owns a Stradivarist violin), Kevin opened one of the first specialist Christian music stores in the world (and prior to CD’s being available on the market), he achieved a Bronze Medal in ballroom dancing and he can still dance to impress those to shy to get onto their feet. His daughter is a founder of the well known NZ pop opera trio Tre-belle, who have performed their magic on many stages.

With the demise of the dance halls as we once knew them and the progression of dancing into nite clubs the HoloDesk has a role to play by allowing the DJ to become a performer and not just a knob twiddler. The holographic dual imaging nature of the HoloDesk will never replace the dynamics of a big band, but does certainly add a 21st century high tech visual to a highly charged dance environment. Thankfully some things never change!

The phrase Shag has many meanings from carpet, volleyball, sexual intercourse, tobacco, bird, basketball through to dancing that originated in South Carolina. The term Shag dancing in the wider sense has links to vauderville, jitterbugging, Flea Hop and is closely associated with the Big Band swing era. Carolina Shag has its roots in southern United States during this Big Band Era of the 1930s and 40s.

The term “Carolina Shag” is thought to have originated along the strands between Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina, during the 1940s. According to Bo Bryan, a noted Carolina Shag historian and resident of Beaufort County, the term was coined at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today,
the shag is a recognized dance in national and international dance competitions held across the United States.

Want to find out more about Shag dancing then follow these links.

If you would like to discuss how HoloDesk can enhance your DJ service we would love to hear from you and what you are wanting to achieve.

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