Superstar Britney Spears, Tom Cruise and Tom Trautsch have one thing in common and its called HoloDesk.

HoloDesk is the interactive DJ touch screen technology from ICE AV that is creating huge world wide interest in the DJ music community. The interest in touch screen technology is now regularly seen in crime dramas such as CSI and others where they are featured in crime labs and control centres.

More recently TV studios are now adopting the touch wall / screen concept. Thanks to iQRite and Holodesk touch screen components and systems operators, DJs, singers, presenters can all control their content and audience due to interactive technologies from ICE AV.

Tom Cruise mesmerised audiences with gesture touch based on a large screen in the film Minority Report, others have been clamouring to bring it into mainstream. Thanks to innovation from HoloDesk large format interactive DJ desks in a variety of formats and sizes. HoloDesk has the world’s largest interactive DJ sizes and options. Britney’s Till the World Ends video clip turns the minority into the majority.

The HoloDesk in Till the World Ends

Till the World Ends by Superstar Britney Speirs features the virtual interactive console known world wide as HoloDesk

Who wants to be next artist?

Now what New Zealand artist or NZ band would like to be the first Kiwi band to feature The HoloDesk in their music clip …free of cost. Tell us why you deserve to have this latest technology in your music video. Sure beats a tiny squinty little iPad for sure.

Contact HoloDesk. sales at holodesk dot biz

Ibiza DJ Tom Trautsch casts his magic HoloDesk spell over the dance floor.

Tom Trautsch is renowed for one thing, in the international club music scene. He has this uncanny sense and ability to bring any dance floor alive and can read a throbbing dance floor like the back of his hand. Tom now he has a new state of the art tool to mesmerise the dance floor and cast them under his touch control thanks to the twin matched Edgeless HoloDesk interactive systems.

Tom Trautsch has lived and breathed music and brings a wealth of rich music experience entertaining dance floors around the globe and in the European club music scene. Tom is an official DJ Product Ambassador for the HoloDesk and is working at developing a new live music production technique and process based around the HoloDesk screens.

Rudas Studio Tom Trautsch with HoloDesk

HoloDesk Interactive DJ Desk

Join DJ Tom Trautsch in the Xmas Dance Party

HoloDesk will be at Rudas Studio


HoloDesk will come alive at Düssledorf’s Rudas Studio under the control of Tom Trautsch

German based Tom Trautsch and Kiwi innovator Kevin Andreassend collaborate to influence the dance floors of Europe starting on the 26th December with a premier event to be held at Rudas Studios in Düsseldorf.

Kiwi Innovation will move the dance floor in the anticipated event when DJ Tom Trautsch will literally move the invited crowd as he hosts and plays the 26 December event.

Premier DJ Tom Trautsch will debut two 42 inch HoloDesks for the dance floor action.

Do you want a ticket to the debut and exclusive party for the HoloDesk in Germany? Ticketing information will be made available as will the A lister sponsors.