Shipping Info

How do you ship the DIY HoloDesk components?
We ship this in two tubes. One containing the interactive component and the other contains the projection screen laminate.

How do you ship the plug-n-play HoloDesk?
Currently we ship the complete system in a 10mm foam lined shipping case. This enables it to arrive complete at your shipping destination and has been designed so it will be used to transport your HoloDesk(tm) between venues.

Can I pay for my HoloDesk after I receive it?
We must receive you payment with your order. We are unable to provide credit terms.

What is the delivery time after I order my HoloDesk?
For the DIY set, delivery times is approximately four weeks after we receive your payment. We are working at reducing this time period. The plug-n-play version of the HoloDesk(tm) currently fore-casted to be 6-8 weeks as we finish off designing certain components and ramp up manufacturing. Please do check in and ask when you are seriously interested as times do change down to 1 week delivery.

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