A special free gratis gift to our network from a leading international business guru

When I first started ICE AV, my office was 30 seconds from the beach in Kaiwa on a 29.9kb dialup modem and sound business advice was hard to come by. Eventually one person that came to my attention is mega biz US guru Jay Abraham, prior to then I had never heard of the guy, a guy that can charge $25k for a presentation to some biz executives…maybe thats why I had never heard of him as he was well out of my leaque. Since then I have talked to his office, listened to his webinars, seen his biz offers and read his literature. Today he sent me an email with a gratis offer since I had been connected to him for so long…

Jay wrote in his email to me and this should delight you…

I’d like to freely gift you with a complete digital copy of my two, latest business books – GRATIS.
I’m referring to both “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got” – it’s 376 pages of highly specific, example-filled “here’s-how-you-can-do-it-right” instruction and guidance.

It also contains something like 336 total examples, case studies, illustrated analogies to help make it easy to apply. This is the book that Stephen Covey, Seth Godin, Harvey McKay, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Marty Edelson, Ken Blanchard and 25 other experts all unhedgingly endorsed.

PLUS, I’d also like to gift you with a full-length, digital print copy of “The Sticking Point Solution,” that teaches any business owner how to move your business from stagnation to stunning success in today’s challenging marketplace. It shows you the top nine reasons why most businesses struggle, stall, stagnate or get stuck – AND exactly, precisely, specifically the action steps to immediately take to turn that situation around.

I looked on Amazon, and (all totalled) I think they both garnered about 175 combined reviews. The vast majority were 5’s or 4’s – mostly 5’s. One book took me two years to write and the other took 15 months. I didn’t put one page of self-serving promotion or offer in either book, either.

I want YOU to have a complete copy of both books – no cost whatsoever to you. No place you need to opt into. No credit card you’ll have to provide. No number to call. No contact info to provide. It’s gratis – from me to you.

Then Jay asked me to do something I thought was cool and very generous…that if I download the free digital books (550 pages of business advice and strategy) and found the information insightful and valuable that I would identify three business colleaques and send the links where they could simply right click and download their own copies.

How can I limit this to only three I said? So he then extended it to anyone in my network I feel should read these books…..

So here you are gratis from Jay to me to you.

There’s nothing to do except download both books – and find time to read 🙂 at 30 seconds a page thats 4.5 hours and
(Right Click the Links and Choose “Save As” if you have problems downloading)

Happy reading and reaping more business. Please do let me know any techniques you implement that bring success.


Kevin Andreassend
PS Jay has announced some heavy moves he is planning and explained and why he is giving his two latest books away free that you can walk into a bookstore and buy off the shelf.

One: After sitting back and taking a passive role online – I’m preparing to come out with both guns blazing in a wildly impactful way that most of you will not expect. It’ll be a few more months – But I’ll have a massive presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google in ways that few expect. When this happens, the entire online world will receive my books-GRATIS (and a lot more).

And it doesn’t seem fair for them to gain access to my ideas and mindset, if you haven’t first received (and benefitted from) them well ahead of everyone else.  So THIS is my attempt to give everyone on my list the advance access – freely, openly, immediately (and without any reservations) to some of my best performing concepts and strategies.

Second: I want to make a difference to those people who’ve followed me the longest – before millions more start learning these methods. So, I’m urging you to take advantage of my gifts and information.

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