Over the last number of months since we launched The HoloDesk™ to the world market, we have been busy perfecting a myriad of details and at the same time endeavouring to meet the initial demand and interest. Last years was the soft launch and now 2011 is to be the year The HoloDesk will take off and is the dream screen many DJs have been waiting for.

However if you really want to know asap please send me us an email and we can send it to you pronto. sales at holodesk dot biz In your email subject line please state “Price request for The Holodesk”

We are delivering The HoloDesk™ in two very unique formats.

The HoloDesk™ Projection Surface
The HoloDesk™ Projection surface is the concept that has taken the online community by storm with its dual image interactive display surface.

As it is based on projection even a 74″ display is easy to shift around from venue to venue. It does require setup calibration alignment when the units are moved as the projector must be aligned and calibrated if moved. This is not a laborious task, simply one of the aspects to consider when you want an all in your face dual imaging interactive HoloDesk™. Our complete systems include everything from a reusable shipping crate and every nut, screw, bracket for you to have a fully operational HoloDesk along with the self contacted integrated projector mount platform. The dream screen to install.

The HoloDesk™ LCD Surface.
These will be completely embedded with Dual Touch from 42 – 60 inch
in a panel bezel format which means you literally cut a insert in the bench top or mount it on a sloping desk mount and you are good to go and to create mayhem on the dance floor.

There will be an option to purchase them as a 10 point / 32 point Multi Touch panel with the iQRite Interactive Touch frame. This combination will create one of the most advanced interactive LCD surface technologies.

The HoloDesk™ LCD also has the option to embed the computer within the screen itself, meaning one piece of kit is all you need to shift around. Just remember though the HoloDesk LCD is not dual imaging, however, there is always a way out! You can output it to a massive ICE flexible LED Screen that is featured as your backdrop. Check out the tab “Stage” for details of this remarkable flexible display technology.

More details will be uploaded shortly so stay tuned.

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