HoloDesk converges entertainment and technology.

HoloDesk technology

Worldwide DJ’s  have been enthusiastic about the virtual dual image HoloDesk interactive DJ surface that allows full manipulation by the brush of the hand, flick or drag of a finger and to create live dynamic music. HoloDeck places the DJ centre stage.

How two distant paths crossed from across the world with a global ambition.

12 years ago Ibza based Tom Trautsch had an idea after playing in front of 12.000 clubber in world’s biggest club: Privilege on Ibiza. How great it would be not only to mix several records together on five turntables, no, to go further and to mix and re-arrange in real-time: parts, slices, samples of different tracks and rebuild them to a new track with for instance self composed bass lines and other extractions like a saxophone-line or a synth-hook from another track. And the performance would be done by his hands on a big screen.

Minority Report“ was the visualisation of Tom’s Idea: Interactive Touch screen Technology to control the creative process. Direct Access to most important parameters.

A complete new world of creating music in a real-time mode. The DJ mutates to a new kind of arranger/remixer. The last years Tom’s idea got more and more real because of the tremendous evolution of music software. One of the biggest challenges was to synchronize all the different tracks/hooks/basslines/drumkits etc. and to get everything together in the right musically harmony.

Unbeknown to Tom on the other side of the world in New Zealand, Kevin Andreassend had approached the aspect of touch surfaces from the hardware and engineering perspective. Drawing on the interactive and display technology components that his company ICE AV Technology Ltd was already selling to clients world wide, Kevin set about to design a system that would create a wow factor in the entertainment industry.

It was not long before Tom and Kevin’s paths crossed and the spark of collaboration, became a real synergy to realise Tom’s dream of memorising audiences and redefining the DJ experience. The influence of Tom’s Know-How and the technological solution from Kevin brought them together for this big adventure:

Subsequently Tom Trautsch has been appointed as the European HoloDesk Product Amabassador. His non-sales role allows him to concentrate on the creative aspect on interactive DJ’ing, composing music live and perfecting the process. Kevin acknowledges that “Tom’s experience and expertise is a valuable cornerstone right at the start of the HoloDesk journey. We now welcome others to join us in this unique adventure and the first step in communicating the new way of DJ’ing

Tom will perform on Saturday 12th of February at rudasstudios.com in Düsseldorf, Germany and it will be the first time worldwide that a twin pair of the Edgeless Holodesk Surfaces will be used live.

The official HoloDesk is currently in production under the guidance of Tom Trautsch and will be online from Wednesday 19’th of January. Photos are already posted. Stay tuned for the beginning of a new decade of DJ’ing.

About ICE AV Technology Ltd

ICE AV Technology an international interactive and digital display innovation manufacturer, has launched its next product known as the The HoloDesk ™, the ultimate virtual DJ mixer for VJ and DJ artists. The technology behind the system draws on ICE AV’s expertise in the latest developments in interactive and digital display technology from its significant catalog.

The HoloDesk ™ is the creative development of techo-entrepreneur Kevin Andreassend, Managing Director / Founder of ICE AV Tech and President 2008 – 2011 of the AucklandICT technology industry ICT group.

ICE AV Technology Ltd is a privately held registered company in New Zealand involved in Interactive, Display and Simulation technologies. Today ICE AV specialises in a variety of audio visual technologies for the interactive, communication and entertainment industries worldwide.

iQRite ™, The HoloDesk ™, DigitalDaytime ™ are the intellectual trade mark property of ICE AV Technology Limited.