We will feature all the content here to help you understand how to either build your DIY or assemble your Plug-n-Play unit.

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  1. Hey, blown away from ur videos. am an all areas producer and not playing out live dubstep/d&b mixes. (have a listen, am sure ull enjoy) and this screen has the visual presence we’re looking for.
    would you be able to spec up a screen made for the new traktor? then i think its getting interesting.

    look forward to hearing from you.

  2. WOW all i can say is i would like to see if there any type of paper work i may have on the item you wrote me bout, the AMAZING eq in the utube video.

    do you guys sell the item, the softwear i am sure i can find its the SYSTEM TO PLAY IT ON?

    How much, one dj i know said some insane NUMBER like $35,000?
    If the future of DJING cost that much ONLY A FEW WILL KNOW IF IT & IT WILL DIE. OR BE FAD?

    ANY info would be sweet, also i will look at page just had to write. thanks.

    • Hi DJ Joe
      The HoloDesk is affordable and certainly many many $1000′ s less than what you mention.
      Be sure to check all the information we emailed directly to you. If it has not arrived, drop us a line. Rgd The HoloDesk Team

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