HoloDesk Catalogue available in the largest range developed for every budget.

The current HoloDesk Pricelist is now published in 4 currencies. Due to confidentiality you will need to request a password to open the 39 page price list. Please visit this Request Link.

Holodesk 2012 Pricelist

2012 Q2 Pricelist

HoloDeskTM Touch Frame Models

PnP = no touch calibration required
HDSTIQ32 32″ iQrite touch frame – single touch – Win7 Only
HDDTIQ32 32″ iQrite touch frame – Dual touch PnP – Win7 Only
HD2PTZA32 32″ iQrite touch frame – Dual touch
HD4PTZA32 32″ iQrite touch frame – 4 Pt Multi touch
HD6PTZA32 32″ iQrite touch frame – 6 Pt Multi touch

HDSTIQ42 42″ iQrite touch frame – single touch – Win7 Only
HDDTIQ42 42″ iQrite touch frame – Dual touch PnP – Win7 Only
HD2PTZA42 42″ iQrite touch frame – Dual touch
HD4PTZA42 42″ iQrite touch frame – 4 Pt Multi touch
HD6PTZA42 42″ iQrite touch frame – 6 Pt Multi touch

HDSTIQ50 50″ iQrite touch frame – single touch – Win7 Only
HDDTIQ50 50″ iQrite touch frame – Dual touch PnP – Win7 Only
HD2PTZA50 50″ iQrite touch frame – Dual touch
HD4PTZA50 50″ iQrite touch frame – 4 Pt Multi touch
HD6PTZA50 50″ iQrite touch frame – 6 Pt Multi touch

HD2PTZA60 60″ iQrite touch frame – Dual touch
HD4PTZA60 60″ iQrite touch frame – 4 Pt Multi touch
HD6PTZA60 60″ iQrite touch frame – 6 Pt Multi touch

HDSTIQ62″ 62” iQrite touch frame – single touch – Win7 Only
HDDTIQ62″ 62” iQrite touch frame – Dual touch PnP – Win7 Only

HDSTIQ74 74″ iQrite touch frame – single touch – Win7 Only
HDDTIQ74 74″ iQrite touch frame – Dual touch PnP – Win7 Only
HD2PTZA74 74″ iQrite touch frame – Dual touch
HD4PTZA74 74″ iQrite touch frame – 4 Pt Multi touch
HD6PTZA74 74″ iQrite touch frame – 6 Pt Multi touch

Edgeless Transparent Interactive HoloDeskTM
HDSTED32 32″ Interactive Laminate – Single / Limited Dual touch
HDSTED42 42″ Interactive Laminate – Single / Limited Dual touch
HDSTED50 50″ Interactive Laminate – Single / Limited Dual touch
HDSTED62 62″ Interactive Laminate – Single / Limited Dual touch
HDSTED74 74″ Interactive Laminate – Single / Limited Dual touch

HDSTED32 32″ Interactive Laminate – Dual touch
HDSTED42 42″ Interactive Laminate – Dual touch
HDSTED50 50″ Interactive Laminate – Dual touch
HDSTED62 62″ Interactive Laminate – Dual touch
HDSTED74 74″ Interactive Laminate – Dual touch – pending and in development

Each model is available in two DIY options.
Laminated DIY Option
HoloDesk IR Build Your Own – DIY
Touch Technology
ICE HoloContraBr
6mm Tempered Laminated Substrate

Touch DIY Option
HoloDesk IR Build Your Own – DIY
Touch Technology
ICE HoloContraBr

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We have published it in 4 currencies for the benefit of our international customers.


Laser and LED Lighting mounts on the HoloDesk

The HoloDesk designed by ICEAV is designed to make a DJ look good on stage. One aspect exclusive to the HoloDesk is that the frame mount system is designed to hold the glass surface very rigid with a minimal amount of support structure and at the same time hold auxiliary equipment and lights. 

It is the only touch surface stand that can be stacked with laser or LED lights, both out to the left and right and also within the HoloDesk foot print. The stand can hold a considerable numbers of lights and is only limited by the size of your lights. 

The Holodesk mount frame is designed to be multi purpose and functional.

The Holodesk mount frame is designed to be multi purpose and functional.

The pictured standard mounting feet can be swapped out for locking wheel feet if required. The feet can be adjusted for uneven floor surfaces.  The shelf platform can be easily removed from the shelf bracket if required. Both left and Right Hand brackets have the same functionality and size.

HoloDesk Light Mounting_02sm


The Shelf Brackets are standard options of the HoloDesk (excludes lights).



David Guetta delivers a hi tech glimpse with the futuristic looking HoloDesk in his latest Colin Tilley produced music video.

David Guetta teamed with Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne for his latest clip “I Can Only Imagine”. The music video features a hi tech look including the futuristic looking HoloDesk, complete with two holographic 12″ turntables…who said vinyl is out?

Is vinyl going to make a come back as holographic vinyl? Has David Guetta and Colin Tilley seen the future?

By utilizing face mapping technology, David Guetta has created an expensive looking clip centered around a hi tech looking control room for his new “I Can Only Imagine” clip that also used six video sets and including a skateboarding ramp.

The music video was directed by talented 24year Video Music Director Colin Tilley, with a ton award winning music videos under his belt. He was nominated for three videos at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards including best male video, best best hip hop video, and best collaboration video. Colin Tilley has directed music videos for artists including Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne,[1] Diddy, Usher, Melanie Fiona, Keri Hilson, Wiz Khalifa and UK rapper Chipmunk among others. His most notable and frequent collaborator is Chris Brown for whom he has directed 19 video projects. Colin Tilley has won several awards including Best Male video at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards for Justin Bieber “You Smile” and video of the year at the 2011 BET Awards for Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” video.

Colin Tilley is part of the Riveting Entertainment team founded by Andrew Listermann and Emerald Listermann in 2008.
The company has had a metoric rise in the four short years the company has been operating with a beevy of award winning and highly acclaimed music videos of a whos who in the entertainment world.

What do you think of this latest iteration of the HoloDesk used by David Guetta in his latest release “I Can Only Imagine”?

Tom Trautsch performed live at EuroSport 2011 with HoloDesk

The SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final was broadcast live in eighty-three countries on the 19 November and featured the talented experience of German based DJ legend Tom Trautsch – European HoloDesk DJ Amabassador.

Erhan Deniz, Sergei Lascenko, Ismael Londt and Pavel Zhuravlev, the winners of the four SuperKombat World Grand Prix events which had taken place throughout 2011, will compete at the event to decide the overall champion.

Mitsubishi Motors, the main sponsor of the promotion, awarded the winner with a sport car Lancer Ralliart, beside the prize money (a cheque for € 50,000).

Multi Touch software for the HoloDesk

Multi Touch Interactive Content Management Software is the strategic key that makes the Holo-Info-Desk come alive that allows all types of common media to come alive at a user’s finger touch.

One of the solutions is our OmniTapps media wheel solution that brings together a diversion range of access routes to media. The versatile back end allows custom set up, menus to be disabled or switched on. This feature allows the application to be configured to a wide range of applications as diverse as a real estate or or table top in a club. Furthermore adapting it to a class room or expo is actually a few mouse clicks requiring NO GEEK Coding.

Multi touch software for the Holo-Info-Desk and iQRite systems

For the expo or retail store the ability to print our brochures at a finger touch means every single brochure will be the latest version and NO More wasted paper or having to do print runs before a promotion or simply saves the brochure to a USB memory stick.

For the music store or video rental store the application provides the perfect interface for shoppers to check out the latest music videos and movies.

The Holo-Info-Desk is the commercial media system based on the world famous HoloDesk used by Deadmau5 in his Earls Court Dec 2010 Concert. The Holo-Info-Desk ships in a range of physical formats.
Version 1.3 now shipping. Contact sales at holodesk.com

HoloDesk range continues to expand with the growth in the multi touch large format market.

During the last few months we have been extending the HoloDesk range that includes both projection and flat panel displays to cater for the ever expanding market for large format touch surfaces.

The 50 inch bench top configuration of the Holo-Info-Desk is ideal when you want an in your face size multi touch screen and mobility. The stand packs down to an insignificant size, whilst the screen at 50 inch is still transportable. Pictured is the interface for the ITEX NZ IT conference to be held in Auckland in November where over 400 IT managers will be introduced to the Holo-Info-Desk format in both projection and flat panel scenarios.

Using a Holo-Info-Desk is ideal for conferences both on the exhibit floor to promote your products but also by the organisers who wish to allow users to discover information about exhibitors, floor plan, seminar speakers and special promotions.

Contact sales at holodesk dot biz
Tel +64-9-414 2348

Holo-Info-Desk is a multi touch interactive system based on the HoloDesk DJ Mixer

Holo-Info-Desk is a unique multi-touch system developed in NZ that brings the growing popularity of interactive touch control to a diverse range of environments and applications.

The Holo-Info-Desk pictured in this video is based on the interactive framed projection technology which is one of the options that Holo-Info-Desk is offered as. The surface is a suspended 6mm surface without an enclosure.

The Holo-Info-Desk is a large size multi touch solution and interactive content management system for use in a wide variety of applications. It is manufactured in flat panel and projection based models.

The system is available in 2,6,10,16,32 touch points according to the size and overall budget and application requirements.

To implement large format multi touch surfaces, required substantially expensive hardware, a large programming budget and a bunch of programming geeks. Today Holo-Info-Desk has changed that on all three counts thanks to the
innovative Holo-Info-Desk solution.

The Holo-Info-Desk concept has been designed to maximise many conceiveable options and even to the point of adapting hardware you already own.

Interactive Surfaces are the new way to engage with content. Steve Jobs helped us out alot as he has taught the world to stretch, pinch, swipe with your fingers. We now carry on the legacy he has left us with the with the Holo-Info-Desk but this time you will not be able to put the surface in your pocket.

The Holo-Info-Desk is a development of the well known HoloDesk interactive DJ Mixer that first appeared on the world stage when Deadmau5 used a 74″ HoloDesk in his Earls Court, London concert where it became the first sell out concert in the venue. Subsequently the HoloDesk became featured as the first large format interactive DJ Mixer to be featured in music concert DVD by a headline performer.

AucklandICT uses the HoloDesk to promote its members

AucklandICT, an Auckland based industry organisation takes advantage of the Holo-Info-Desk to promote its members at the Rutherford Forum industry conferences in September.

The Rutherford Forum activities are part of the Rugby World Cup related activities to promote NZ business and innovation. http://rutherfordinnovationshowcase.co.nz

AucklandICT is an industry organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand. Members come from a range of industry sectors that serve requirements both locally and international that are predominately in ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) Each month the organisation meets to listen to a key note speaker, share success updates, networking and more recently have begun to actively utilise social media and online platforms. Within AucklandICT there is the Electronics Interest Group (ETG) AucklandICT that meets once a month over breakfast to discuss projects, topics of interest, training.


HoloDesk Goes from strength to strength in time with the 2011 Rugby World Cup

The HoloDesk story started well before it entered the public domain, but when it did it set a new bench mark for international DJ concerts and live performances.

The European global debut was in the most royal of cities – London with a king of the dance floor, Deadmau5. The sellout Earls Court concert stunned the crowds when Deadmau5 took to the centre stage to perform Arguru on the 74″ inch HoloDesk interactive touch surface.

The crowd reaction was enthusiastic as Deadmau5 introduced a new way for DJ’s to perform live on the dual imaging touch interactive surface. The following day the viral nature of social media took over as the word spread like wildfire that DJ hardware had taken a major step turning science fiction into commercial reality.

For creator, inventor and technologist behind the concept, Kevin Andreassend was convinced that the time was ripe to begin the journey of redefining and introducing large format multi touch in live concerts some years before. First seen in the Tom Cruise Minority film, Kevin and his partners at about the same time were planning on how to develop this type of system to the international market, but first they had to invent the actual touch technology. Skip ahead a few years and in the meantime Apple educated the market on the concept of multi touch in the pocket by way of of the iPhone and more recently iPad. Microsoft stirred the imagination with their 42 inch flat panel solution called The Surface. This validated Kevin’s idea but he wanted to go one step further…he wanted to make it huge, so huge that it would take a van to transport an assembled unit, and so was borne the 74″ dia, 1.7m h x 2m wide HoloDesk. Some other crucial parameters was that it had to be dual imaging and no more than 6mm thick and seem like a floating image.

During the year since its debut on the global stage, it was still the biggest secret in New Zealand. Kevin explains, “we wanted to to continue to develop the HoloDesk concept, and control the time launch in our home market. The international opportunities were far greater off shore and so it was natural for us to focus in the European and USA markets.

The World's Smallest Nite Club

The HoloDesk Nite Club down in The Cloud

During the beginning of 2011, the New Zealand Government and associated Departments were extensively involved in developing the Innovation Showcase in The Cloud as part of the Rugby World Cup Queens Wharf fan zone. A number of Government officials and industry personnel surveyed NZ industry, as a result HoloDesk was invited to participate in the showcase named “We do things Different”.

Rugby World Cup, Fan Zone

Beginning September The HoloDesk is appearing in a number of events, expos and conferences associated around the Rugby World Cup for the 1,000’s visiting New Zealand.

Also timed for the same period, has been the launch of the Holo-Info-Desk with its engaging multi touch software that allows users to access and interactive with a wide selection of media and data sources. Holo-Info-Desk will also ship in a education, retail, meeting room, presentation and expo versions in a range of physical formats.

HoloDesk DJ Mixer prepares for the largest influx of tourists NZ will see this century

HoloDesk gears up for the Rugby World Cup 2011 as New Zealand is the host for the largest sporting event to come to the remote country. starting in 3 weeks time and will run from September to October and has become a show case event of what is NZ in every aspect.

HoloDesk is also playing a prominent role and is to be one of 28 companies to be featured in the $7,000,000 principal fan zone venue called The Cloud, down on one of the earliest wharf built in Auckland’s harbour.

The Cloud will be the host of numerous offical functions, business meetings, technology and innovation expo, entertain zone for fashion, concerts and a range of events that demonstrate New Zealand’s culture.

HoloDesk and ICE AV are sponsoring the display and interactive technology for the VEX Robotics world championships that will be held in the venue and concurrent activities at the Rutherford Forum and AucklandICT South Pacific Entreprenuer’s sponsored BBQ event.

Recently ICE AV has been preparing to let the local market see what it has been developing in recent times. The HoloDesk has initially been launched in the off shore market to a rapturous reception and now HoloDesk is going to surprise the NZ market and international visitor. We wanted the local market to experience the Holodesk in conjunction with the Rugby World Cup and the timing is all working out well.

Recent national media publicity has given the local market an sneak insight to the HoloDesk that has begun to create a lot of early interest in the HoloDesk Surface.

HolOdesk in the media

The HoloDesk has begun to capture the imagination of the local market.