Exclusive NAMM Bonus Coupon

Well we know not everyone can attend NAMM in the USA. You’re stuck home because of floods in Australia, snow in Europe, earthquakes in NZ or simply you had to start work after your holidays.

So we have a bonus NAMM 2011 coupon for you even though you never made it to the USA to check out all the new instruments and music equipment.

HoloDesk Bonus Laser Light Coupon

The NAMM Bonus Coupon is for one free Laser Light that can be mounted on the HoloDesk to give the additional wow factor.

We have a few conditions you need to abide by to qualify, and guess what, you don’t even need to buy your HoloDesk immediately as we have given you until the middle of the year to complete your purchase.

1 – We must receive your registration details consisting of your name and a valid email address.
2 – Register before 31 January 2011 below in the comment section for this post.
3 – Tell us what size HoloDesk you like?
4 – Must be a resident of planet earth.
5 – Complete your purchase payment prior to 17 July 2011.
6 – Purchase must be directly with HoloDesk in New Zealand.
7 – Bonus not transferable or redeemable for cash or discount.
8 – Laser Light will ship with your HoloDesk.
9 – All conditions must be met to be eligible.
10 – And answer this qualifying question “Name one of the singers in the Kiwi pop opera trio music sensation based in New Zealand….hint can be found here


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